Solar window film installation Essex

Solar Window Film
Installation in Essex

As one of the UK’s leading providers of high-quality window films, PR Solar Window Film readily addresses the window requirements of residential and commercial customers in Essex.

Our Essex team installs a wide range of window films for your different needs. These include solar window films, anti-graffiti window films, blackout window films, conservatory window films, eco window films, frosted window films, privacy window films and safety window films.

You may purchase our products and install them yourself, or we can fit the window film for you. With our team of specialists, installation is always a quick no-mess process. You won’t see creases or bubbles on the window films we install, and they usually last for years.

We Have All Your Solar Window Film
Requirements in Essex

Our solar window films are a great alternative to net curtains. They filter sunlight and improve privacy in your home, commercial space, or conservatory. The benefits do not stop there, however. Here are the different ways you may benefit from our solar window films:

We install solar window films in Essex

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Window films in Essex

Solar Control and
Energy Saving

Our solar control window film reduces heat and glare from the sun. It also cuts out harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and cause furniture to fade. As a result, our product makes your home or office a more comfortable environment. On a related note, we provide energy-saving window films with insulation and heat retaining properties.

Improved Safety

Broken glass windows come with safety hazards, including flying glass and hanging shards. Glass windows with films prevent these hazards by firmly holding the broken glass in place.

Solar window films in Essex

Window film installation in Essex


Our window films prevent passersby from disrupting the solitude at home or in your office. We can provide frosted films and blackout films for your windows depending on what you want.

Come to us for your solar window film needs in Essex and we’ll provide exactly what you want.

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Survey and Quotation

When you need solar window films for your glass windows, feel free to ask PR Solar Window Film for a free no-obligation survey and quotation. You can trust our specialists to provide impartial and informational advice regarding your window film concerns and requirements. We offer a range of window films across Essex, including: Solar Window Films, UV Window Films, Security Window Films, Privacy Window Films, Frosted Window Films, Conservatory Window Films.

Contact us today by sending an email or calling 01689 854577.