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Frosted Window Films

Upgrade your home or business with the modern convenience of frosted window film or frosted window vinyl. Ideal for spaces requiring extra privacy, these films allow an abundance of light without the need for costly glass replacements. Perfect for homes facing busy roads or offices seeking seclusion, these versatile solutions, including frosted film, frosted glass, and frosted decorative window film, seamlessly combine elegance with functionality, transforming your windows effortlessly.

Frosted window films are a perfect solution for a home or business. They can be applied in any areas where you might require a little more privacy. They are ideal for homes that look directly out onto roads, or homes that are in busy areas. Furthermore, they can also create areas of seclusion in an office or other business environment.

You will continue to enjoy plenty of natural light without having to replace your glazing to opt for sandblasted or rippled glass. This is the modern and convenient way to upgrade your windows.

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Benefits of Residential Films

Transform your home with cost-effective solutions like frosted window film and frosted vinyl, preserving natural light while ensuring extra privacy in diverse spaces. Explore the option of adding graphics to enhance entry sidelights, reducing glare and elevating the aesthetic of your windows with these versatile residential films.

  • No need to replace the glass. It’s excellent value for money as you don’t have to invest in rippled or sandblasted glass.
  • Lots of diffused light. The window film still lets plenty of light in, so your room won’t feel dark or dreary after application.
  • Extra privacy, anywhere. Use frosted window film anywhere – it’s also suitable for use in damp environments like bathrooms.
  • The option of graphics. We can cut the window film to incorporate a graphic. Adds real beauty to entry sidelights.
  • Reduced glare. The glazed window film will reduce glare, so you can look in mirrors or at screens more easily.

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Benefits of Commercial Films

Frosted window films, including frosted glass film, frosted window vinyl, and frosted film, have diverse applications in commercial settings, particularly offices. Offices, with their unique challenges, benefit significantly from the versatility of these films, addressing essential aspects such as:

  • In modern offices employing open floor plans with frosted glass partitions, ensuring some level of privacy is crucial. Frosted window films effectively address this need.
  • Offices with large street-facing windows may attract unwanted attention to valuable equipment. Installing frosted film on windows maintains privacy while allowing natural light.
  • Frosted decorative window film offers customisable graphics, making them a valuable tool for reinforcing brand identity. Applying films with company logos on glass surfaces leaves a lasting impression on clients, investors, and team members.
  • Energy Efficiency – Beyond security, frosted window films on exterior windows provide enhanced control over the internal environment. By diffusing intense natural light, these films reduce thermal overload, improving energy efficiency and lowering costs.
  • Enhanced Decor – One of the most apparent benefits of frosted window films in offices is their aesthetic appeal. They not only break up space discreetly but also introduce a contemporary sophistication that is challenging to achieve through other means.

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Window film specifications

Fine Acid Etched Glass
– White

Total solar energy
Transmitted: 62%
Reflected: 19%
Absorbed: 19%
Visible light transmitted: 70%
Reflected: 17%
Ultra-violet rejected: N/A
Glare reduction: N/A
Shading coefficient: 0.80
Total solar energy rejected: 30%
Product warranty: 10 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frosted glass window film serves as a versatile solution for enhancing privacy while allowing ample light. Whether it’s for home or office use, this self-adhesive film transforms plain glass into a frosted surface, offering both functionality and an aesthetic upgrade.

Absolutely, frosted window glass film is designed for easy application on any smooth glass surface. Whether it’s windows, glass doors, or partitions, the self-adhesive nature ensures a hassle-free installation process, instantly providing a frosted and stylish look.

While etched glass involves a permanent alteration of the glass surface through processes like sandblasting, frosted glass film offers a non-permanent and cost-effective alternative. The self-adhesive film provides the appearance of frosted or etched glass without the need for complex and irreversible treatments.

Certainly, plain frosted window film isn’t just about privacy; it’s also a fantastic choice for decorative applications. You can create elegant patterns or borders, adding a touch of style to your space while enjoying the benefits of frosted glass.

Self-adhesive frosted glass film not only enhances privacy but also improves energy efficiency. By diffusing light, it helps regulate interior temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This dual functionality makes it a practical and eco-friendly choice.

Absolutely, frosted glass film is a versatile solution that caters to both residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance privacy in a home office or create an inviting atmosphere in a retail space, self-adhesive frosted glass film offers a flexible and stylish solution.

Cleaning frosted glass window film is simple. Using a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth, gently wipe the surface. Avoid abrasive materials to prevent damage. This easy maintenance ensures your frosted glass film retains its clarity and appearance over time.

Not at all. Removing self-adhesive frosted glass film is a straightforward process. Simply peel off the film from one corner, and if needed, use a mild adhesive remover for any residue. This hassle-free removal makes it a convenient option for those looking for temporary privacy solutions.

While the self-adhesive nature of frosted glass film allows easy removal, it’s recommended to use a new piece if reapplication is desired. Reapplying the original film may compromise its adhesive properties, and a fresh application ensures optimal performance and appearance.