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Suppliers and installers of window film to glass

Solar Window Film Installation in Northamptonshire

Expert Solar Window Film Installation in Northamptonshire

PR Solar Window Film Ltd has a reliable team that provides comprehensive solar window film services in Northamptonshire. For over 20 years, we have been the county's leading provider of high-grade solar window films in the county, as well as the trusted company for information about and installation of different window films.

Why Install Solar Window Films?

Apart from being a great tool for blocking the sun’s glare, solar window films have many other advantages. Including:

  • Being a great substitute for blinds, which can be choking hazards
  • Having the ability to reduce heat and UV rays, which can be damaging to the skin and pieces of furniture
  • Eliminating disruptive glare from the sun’s rays
  • Helping to save energy by allowing in available light, minus the glare
  • Offering privacy for residential and commercial office space without obstructing the view or completely blocking the light
  • Preventing glass windows and walls from shattering by keeping the glass together
  • Reducing the required upkeep since window films do not attract dust

Why Choose PR Solar Window Films Ltd?

Our expert team in Northamptonshire readily address the concerns of both residential and commercial customers regarding window films, such as their role in privacy, energy savings and temperature control. Apart from that, our team of specialists assist customers by giving them a guide on proper installation if they opt to DIY. Our customers also have the option of letting us fit their solar window films for a quick, no-mess and professional installation process.

PR Solar Window Films Ltd also carries several types of window films. From ones made from toughened film to prevent glass breakage to opaque ones that can completely prevent light from entering your space, we have it all.

For quick and expert installation or a free no-obligation quotation, contact PR Solar Window Films Ltd today on 016 8985 4577.

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