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Suppliers and installers of window film to glass

Window Film Types

window film typesAs one of Kent and London's leading window film installation experts, we supply all our domestic and commercial customers with a wide range of window films i.e. Blackout window film, Frosted window film, Solar window film, Eco window film, Safety window film, Privacy window film, Conservatory window film, Anti Grafitti window film etc.

To ensure absolute quality and reliability, we only use established and respected manufacturers of window film that are known for their professionalism and exceptional window film products. Our buying power and long established relationships with these manufacturers mean we can usually beat any competitor’s quotation and still provide the expert window film installation we have become known for.

Many of our window film products can be purchased from us for DIY installation or if you prefer, we can fit the window film for you.

The list below shows the diversity of window film types available but you will need expert and impartial advice before choosing. To obtain a FREE no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experts, simply contact us today. We provide our advice and an all-inclusive cost totally free of charge to any customers in Kent, London, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

See all of our Window Film Types here:

Black Out FilmBlack Out Window Film

For the ultimate in privacy, we install opaque blackout window film on glass, which effectively prevents light passing through either side of your glazing – this black out window film is ideal for applications where all light needs to be blocked out, such as a photographic dark room, concealing any wall structures behind the glass

Blackout Window Film >

Frosted Window FilmFrosted Privacy Window Film

This type of window film is for areas of your home or business where you require a higher level of privacy, such as a bathroom or shower facility, but you still want to benefit from natural light, we install frosted and patterned privacy window film to glass.

Frosted Window Film >
Commercial Privacy Window Film >

Decorative Window FilmDecorative Window Film

Special decorative window films with various pattern designs to give windows a unique finish.

Signs, Logo & Graphics >

Stain GlassStain Glass Window Film

These stunning window films give any window the appearance of traditional stained glass. Perfect for any domestic or commercial property. 

Coloured Window Film >

Solar Control Window FilmSolar Control Window Film

We can install solar control window film that reduces heat and glare from the sun, making the interior of your home or office a much more comfortable environment in which to work or relax. Installed onto the glass, our solar control window film also cuts out as much as 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and preventing fading of your furniture and furnishings.

Solar Window Film >

Energy SavingEnergy Saving Window Film

Energy saving window film or ECO window films are ideal way to add insulation and heat retaining properties to your windows - commercial or residential.

Energy Saving Window Films >

Security and SafetySecurity & Safety Window Film

Broken glazing can be very dangerous and also presents a security weak-spot. We install a window film that resolves both these problems by reinforcing glazing and holding the glass fragments together after impact. Benefits - protect people and property, reduce injury, explosion protection, minimise damage, business continuity, deter smash and grab.

Security Window Films >

Graphic ManifestationsGraphic Manifestations

We provide a graphic manifestation service to enable you to comply with Health & Safety Regulation 14 whilst enhancing the appearance of glazed areas on your premises. We can provide any graphic design you desire.

Manifestation Window Films >

Anti-Graffiti Window FilmAnti-Graffiti Window Film

Clear anti-graffiti window film is a cost effective method to combat petty vandalism. We install invisible window film that protect windows, mirrors and other glazed areas from paint, scratches and other marks, which is easily replaced when necessary. Far cheaper than replacing damaged glass!

Anti Graffiti Film >

Vehicle Window FilmVehicle Tinted Window Film

Our experienced installers can make driving a more pleasant experience for you with our specially designed tinted window film. The tinted window film not only strengthens the glass but also reduces heat build-up and glare, eliminating fading of interior upholstery caused by UV rays. We can provide a variety of tints to suit your taste.

Conservatory Window FilmConservatory Window Film

Please visit the domestic page for more information on our conservatory window film.

Solar Window Film for Polycarbonate Conservatory >
Solar Window Film for Glass Conservatory >

Privacy Window FilmDomestic Privacy Window Film

Our domestic privacy window film offers incredible privacy at all times, as well as reducing excessive heat and glare on televisions and computer screens.

Domestic Privacy Window Film >

SkylightSkylight Window Film

Skylights are a great way of letting natural light access previously difficult and challenging areas, such as attics or lofts. They are available in solid aluminium, glass or steel.

Skylight Window Film >

Window BlindsWindow Blinds

We supply and fit an attractive range of window blinds, including roller blinds, shutter blinds and canopies. Our window blinds are designed to give you complete control of natural light in your home.

Blinds & Awnings >

Alternative To Net CurtainsAlternative To Net Curtains

Replace your old net curtains with our window films and immediately notice the difference! Our window films maintain the look of standard glass, both from the inside and outside, and will even block out some of the glare entering your property.

Alternative To Net Curtains >

UV Protection Window FilmUV Window Film

Our UV window film stops around 99% of the sun’s UV rays getting through the window, meaning no more colour fading or bleaching to fabrics, packaging or anything else in your property!

UV Window Film >

Anti Condensation Window FilmAnti-Condensation Window Film

Our anti-condensation window film will prevent your windows from steaming up and stop you from suffering condensation damp patches in your home or business premises.

Anti-Condensation Window Film >

Temporary Window FilmTemporary Window Film

Made from heavy duty polyester, our durable and reliable temporary window film is ideal for emergency repairs and protecting windows and other surfaces from interior refurbishment works.

Temporary Window Film >

Why Choose Window Film

Cost! Window film is far less expensive than blinds

Window film does not attract dust like blinds

Window films come in many different shades to complement your home or business décor

Window film lasts longer than blinds and are less prone to getting damaged

Window film is more effective than blinds at stopping the room getting hot

Window film requires no maintenance!

Window film has a ten year warranty compared to a typical two year warranty with blinds

Window film stops fading by 99.9%

Security window film minimises the danger of broken glass

Provides protection from the sun’s UV rays

Glare reduction by 85%

Increased visibility, the window film can still be looked through, blinds can’t

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