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Solar Window Film Installation in Bedfordshire

Quick Solar Window Installation in Bedforshire

If you want to get the benefits of having window blinds—light control, glare reduction and privacy—without the choking hazards or maintenance hassle, you might want to look into solar window film installation. PR Solar Window Film Ltd has been the trusted window film provider and installation expert in both commercial and residential buildings for over 20 years. So, for shade and privacy window solutions in Bedforshire, turn to our team.

Why Install Solar Window Films?

  • Increase your energy savings

Tinted window films can help reduce your energy consumption. Because solar window films can still let in light while blocking harmful UV rays and heat, you can leave your lights off for as long as there's natural light outside.

  • Increase your privacy

Think of window films as two-way mirrors. When you have them installed onto your windows, you can still see the outside and allow light to filter in, while obscuring your home's interior from the street. That's why window films are perfect for bedrooms or office spaces.

  • Guard against sun damage

Sometimes, in an effort to let in as much natural light as possible, people take for granted the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Direct sunlight can damage not only your skin but your furniture as well. With window films that block harmful UV rays, you can still have as much natural light as you want without the potentially damaging effects.

  • Glass breakage protection

PR Solar Window Films Ltd carries an array of window films, including security and safety window films. These reinforce glazing and hold glass fragments together in case your window breaks.

  • Give your home a decorative edge

Window films have long been known for their clean, stylish features. Our solar window films can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your windows.

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