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Anti-Condensation Window Film

As one of Kent’s leading window film specialists, we have access to the new Opti-Mist anti-fog and condensation window film, which prevents windows steaming up and ensures you don’t suffer condensation damp patches!

Especially through the winter months, condensation on windows can cause all sorts of problems. Besides being unsightly it leaves marks on windows or stains and damp patches on surrounding floors, sills and walls; but how do you stop it if it’s cold outside and you want the heating on?

Opti-Mist works just as well on bathroom mirrors, shower cubicles, greenhouses, car windows and saunas and is ideal for commercial shop front windows or glass front refrigerators.

Call our expert and friendly team today on  01689 854577 to arrange your free property survey and no obligation anti-condensation window film quotation at your convenience. 

Optimist Anti-Fog FilmOpti-Mist anti-fog window film

Anti-condensation films have a special coating which forces excess moisture to spread invisibly into an even layer. This prevents build-up of mist and droplets and helps the water evaporate more quickly, ensuring your windows and glass stay fog free, clean, tidy and dry!

Clear vision, free of fog

Mist and water droplets can easily obscure vision; it’s annoying on the bathroom mirror and could be life threatening on car windows or motorcycle helmet visors. Application of anti-condensation window film ensures the surface stays mist and droplet free for a perfect view.

Great for shops and restaurants

Maintaining image is essential in business and misty windows or streaky condensation just looks a mess; anti-fog window film is ideal for retail windows and restaurants or on glass fronted display cases such as refrigerators or food warmers.

anti condensation window filmGreat at home

From the greenhouse to the swimming pool or even in the sauna, condensation is no longer an irritation you put up with and clean up after.

The Opti-Mist film is quickly and neatly installed by our experienced team to keep windows and other flat surfaces quick drying and free of mist and droplets.

Window Film Expertise across the South East

Based in Bromley, Kent, we provide homeowners and commercial businesses from across Kent, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Essex and Hertfordshire with the finest window film installations.

Anti-Condensation Window Film Specification Sheets

Anti Condensation Film

Whatever your window condensation problems speak to the experts at PR Solar for the ultimate Opti-Mist anti-fog window film solution; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.

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